Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Paving my driveway

Well It's been awhile since I posted.  I've been busy with spring clean up.  This last winter was harsh and really did a job on my 6 car driveway.  I have cracks that need to be filled, oil spots that need cleaning up, and I'm in serious need of a driveway sealing.  

If your looking for a paving contractor In Binghamton, New York call Lynch Paving first.  I wish I did.

I hate calling contractors to get quotes.  I always feel like I'm at a car dealership and someone's trying to hustle me.  Once In awhile a company surprises me.  I get a great quote and don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of.  After meeting with two paving contractors from Binghamton, I had Lynch Paving come to give me a quote. 

I did what everyone does these days.  I went to Google and typed in my query.  I skipped all the yellow page listings cause I don't want to dig further than I have to and called the first three paving companies I saw.  In my case the third time was the charm.  Lynch paving gave me a great quote.  I scheduled the work and I have to say I couldn't be more pleased.

Leave me your comments about your experiences with contractors I'd love to read them.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

best loose leaf infuser travel mug

Best loose leaf infuser travel mug to buy

This loose leaf infuser travel mug is constructed with double wall stainless steel, this 16 ounce drink bottle with tea infuser is virtually unbreakable, yet its sleek design is both eye-catching and functional.  This loose leaf infuser travel mug has been awesome.  I use it everyday!  You can use a regular tea bag if you don't have loose leaf tea.

Since tea was first discovered in China, it has traveled the world conquering the thirsts of virtually every country on the planet. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world as well as one of the healthiest.  There are over 3000 varieties of tea. To be a tea, it must come from the camellia plant. There are several varieties of this plant, producing many types of teas. Types depend on the manufacturing and crafting of the leaf.

Best tea for loose leaf tea infuser travel mug

loose leaf tea infuser travel mug

How to brew loose leaf tea

  Steep the tea in an infuser -- about three to four minutes for green tea and four to five minutes for black tea. Don't over pack the infuser so the leaves have enough room to unfurl completely.   Use more tea for a stronger flavor and less for a milder flavor, as per your taste.

I hope you pick up one of these loose leaf tea infuser travel mugs.  Easy to use and easy to clean  loose leaf tea infuser travel mugs are a necessity in my book.  Enjoy!